I am going to begin a series of short articles/examinations of the French Revolution. The purpose behind them (here is my thesis) is to examine some of my own ideas regarding the Revolution, what I believe were some of the most important motivations behind the Revolution, and hopefully, provide some direction and context for the modern day. It is a rather ambitious project, but one that I think will allow me to get my ideas out there, however crazy they are, and maybe generate some discussion among those that would read these ideas. Certainly, this is not intended to be anything more than some creative, but creative through justification of what I believe to be the foundational causes of the Revolution itself. Suffice it to say that I am also of the belief that should we take the time to study history that we will come up with a couple of concrete conclusions, with one of them being that we can get insight into our own period of time if we only take the time to study that which came before us. To my mind, there is no question that the weakness of our own time period is that we are more concerned with the concrete of math and science (at least as concrete as those disciplines can be) and less so with what the greats of other periods studied without end…our own history. This, to me, is the true weakness of our generation. I truly believe that “it is the doom of men that they forget”.