It really doesn’t matter what side of the political coin you’re on, unless you’re not objective, that is. What Twitter did to the Hunter Biden story is little more than proof that not only is social media in the tank for the left, they simply aren’t hiding it any longer. The funny thing, as I’ve written many times, no matter how much proof you have, it won’t matter. Partisans will always find a way to defend “their” side of the aisle which is why I’ve said more than once that our nation is at the point of know return, with no way back. But, that aside, let’s at least try to be as objective and non-partisan as possible.

The “evidence” that the Washington Post fostered is not great. In fact, I would go as far as to say it’s a bit sketchy. Based on what I’ve read by legal scholars, what Hunter Biden did was not illegal…the idea of trading favors because of one’s name or who one knows is a long-time Chicago tradition. I suspect, it’s a tradition in a lot of major cities, but Chicago has it down to a science. Hunter Biden didn’t do anything that others in his position haven’t done. However, it stinks. Trading political favors because your father is/was the Vice-President of the United States is not a good look. It’s not politically expedient, and it, well, stinks. Having said that…it’s not illegal. 

The hypocrisy comes into play when Twitter censors the forwarding and posting of the article. Ostensibly, their reasoning was that they have a policy of not allowing the posting of “hacked materials themselves”. Fascinating. Did they treat the tax returns of President Trump the same way? There was only one reason those tax returns were made available to the NT Times…they were obtained illegally…maybe hacked. 

Then, Twitter stated that they apologized for how the incident was handled. Did they apologize for posting The Atlantic article that stated President Trump knew that the Russians put a bounty on American solders when there was not one shred of proof? Did they apologize when multiple articles were allowed to be posted on their medium that President Trump called soldiers who gave their lives in the performance of their duties “losers” with no proof.  Not one person who had direct knowledge of said incident corroborated it,  but rather little more than anonymous sources were given carte blanche to run with it and post it all over the place. Seems to me that Twitter is being a bit two faced in this regard. If you can’t see that, it is because you don’t wish to see it.

Like I said, Hunter Biden doesn’t appear to have done anything illegal. Stinky, maybe, but not illegal. He walks that fine line between prison house and penthouse. No, the bigger problem is that Facebook and Twitter, the two biggest media platforms out there are openly shilling for one political party over the other. Again, if you can’t see that, then you’re completely blind and simply don’t wish to see it. Therein lies the problem – on both sides.

President Trump has done some rather stinky things. Saying “stand back and stand by” is one of them. However, the very idea that the two biggest social media platforms on the planet are openly stumping for one political candidate over the other is simply wrong…in every respect…wrong. If they’re going to do that, then their status has to be changed, and government oversight must be issued. 

Honestly, at this point I’m not sure anyone’s mind is going to be changed about anything. However, the thought, and seemingly, the proof that our social media giants are stumping for one candidate or ideology over the other is disheartening, and dangerous in the extreme. We are at the precipice, and I think we’ve gone over it, and only half the population seems to care.