I’ve decided to take a stand, if for nothing else, to at least bring a bit of balance to this discussion of climate change initiated by a former presidential candidate who routinely disregards his own advice. 

I’m aware that this data presentation will do what all data presentations do…generate overthink, counter- arguments, and allegations that what’s here is “fake news”, or non-credible sources, or other arguments to discredit what seems to be accepted narrative. So be it.

What’s fascinating to me, and part of the reason I’ve decided to present this information is to offer a counter-narrative based on numbers, research, and the many people who study this, some of whom are climate scientists themselves. Others are simply people whose hobby is climate science, and as we know, hobbyists are, in many cases, better than the so-called experts themselves, including Al Gore who suddenly became the darling and resident expert because he produced a film on it. 

All I’m asking is that those who read this, in the spirit of equal time and at least listening to a counter-narrative, open the link and read through what I’ve collected. Think31.com is about presenting both sides of an argument, and since only one side is allowed in the official state run media (at least that’s what it feels like) as well as social media, I thought it prudent to present this here. 

Open your mind, and at least be willing to examine the counter arguments. If you choose to stick with what’s been drumming into the social psyche, so be it, but at least you’ll know the other side of the coin. 

Oh, and by the way…the notion that only one side of an argument should be spoken about or presented and anything to the contrary should be banned or cancelled or anything of that nature…should tell you all you need to know about those that would engage in such hypocrisy.