Ok…I get it…I really do.

There have been some Supreme Court decisions this week that have riled some and made others happy. I understand that our nation is divided more now than in the 1960’s and the whole “Generation Gap” idea (interesting that the younger generation then had problems when they didn’t have control and now that they do, the problems seem exacerbated).

I also am cognizant of the notion that it seems rather fashionable nowadays to protest just about everything one doesn’t agree with – don’t like the decision? Protest. Think the world is warming, cooling, rotating in the wrong direction? Protest. Your pizza came out cold and with fewer mushrooms that you’d like? Protest.

We no longer have rational discussions or debate for they lead nowhere. People who engage in such discussions do so for one reason – to argue rather than discuss in order to bring evidence to light to learn and possibly change positions. No. That cannot be. Partisans on either side see it as weakness to give in or are so blinded by their devotion they refuse to consider their position as an incorrect one which needs modification. There are even those who give up friendships based on political stance. Astonishing.

On the heels of the recent spate of Supreme Court decisions, most especially overturning Roe, there are calls on the left for dismantling or packing the Supreme Court, eliminating the Senate, and doing away with the Electoral College. Those on the left who espouse such ideas are simply acting as ignorant, petulant children who either truly don’t understand how the Constitution works or they do and hate it nonetheless, preferring to blow up the system and remake it so they never lose.

Rather than understand and work within the system when they don’t get their way they choose destruction or tantrum throwing, much like the child in the store who doesn’t get the cereal he wanted. Politicians on both sides of aisle have adopted much the same mentality; refusing to accept their losses, proclaiming a win despite vote totals to the contrary; Donald Trump the most notable (along with Stacey Abrams and others).

Since the dawning of this nation there have been calls for secession in one form or another, and each time the nation has weathered the storm on the strength of the written document created by the Founders in 1787 and ratified in 1789. That single document, save one terribly bloody moment in our history, has saved us from ourselves.

Now, it seems those on the political left wish to tear it down, render it moot and morph this nation into a constitutionless society run entirely by majority rule; a majority centered in large cities which vote democratic in overwhelming numbers. A majority which would stamp out any dissention with jackboot like authority, forcing compliance without argument and without debate, two ideas expressly prized by our Founders who saw debate as the only way to govern – so that the minority would have a say, have to be listened to, and have sway to some degree. Without minority voices being heard, the Founders, students of history who lived authoritarianism much more than we in these United States, realized that’s when true revolution happens – revolution of the most destructive kind – the kind that kills nations and civilizations…forever.

There are systems in place for the people if they don’t like the government’s actions. Voting is the first line of defense, something so many do not do consistently in this nation. Vote for those you feel would govern you best locally and at the state level. We’ve become a nation so focused on the national government we’ve forgotten the state and local governments are closest to us and affect us the most. In the case of Roe…vote for state legislators to change it which they have the power to do.

Second, vote nationally for members of Congress – both houses – who reflect your point of view. Vote in mass numbers, realizing we are not a majority rule nation but a federal republic wherein states carry the weight nationally as states are supposed to be the engine of the nation. It’s in our very name: The United States.

Third, propose and get passed a constitutional amendment for said cause – put it in the Constitution. So many on the left – and some on the right – see the Supreme Court as a quasi-lawmaking body when it is not. It’s primary job is to determine the constitutionality of a law…that’s all. The current hatred by those on the left for the Court is based on an activist notion of the Court’s role…something that is not in its purview but has erroneously become part of the court. The current make up of the Court is not activist but constitutionalist, unlike the Court’s make up of the late 60’s under Chief Justice Earl Warren which took a much more activist/liberal view of jurisprudence.

The Constitution is something of a living document – just not in the way those on the left want as the process for change isn’t fast enough for that faction of the population. The Founders understood the need for the Constitution to stay relevant which is why the amendment process is in place. They also understood time was needed in order to foster proper debate – a period of fleshing out positions so as to convince, not threaten. It’s plain we’ve lost the convince part.

Finally, force Congress to do their job. They’ve abrogated their responsibilities long enough. If lawmakers…lawmakersare unwilling to make law as they’re so concerned about keeping their position or appealing to their base in order to win re-election, then find new lawmakers…ones that will make law. Codify the Roe decision or any other decision, doing it within the bounds of the Constitution, which provides for these changes. Protest, threats, talk of Supreme Court Justice’s assassination are banana republic moves, not the moves of a supposedly civilized, educated people.

The methodology is there for change in any form, without the need to destroy the singular document that created this nation, providing the mooring for its very prosperity. There simply needs understanding by those too emotionally involved in any decision as to how it all works.

Besides, should there be a civil war…things would be exponentially worse for all involved and what our current state of being is now would be longed for as those who witnessed Alaric entering Rome in 410 A.D. longed for the their own past as wart filled as it was. What’s the old saying?

Be careful what you wish for…you may get it.