It’s an all too familiar trope: Politicians lining their own pockets at the expense of the people they’re supposed to serve. There’s corruption at the highest levels with investigation after investigation on opponents depending on who holds the reins of political power. Today, it’s the Democrats. After November, it very well might be the Republicans although that is now in serious doubt as Republican voters chose, by most accounts, poor Senate candidates.

Kevin McCarthy, the House Minority Leader has already said he plans on forming investigatory bodies against Democrats if and when the Republicans take the House. Even if they find something impeachable, it won’t go anywhere if the Democrats hold the Senate, just as the impeachment of Mr. Trump didn’t go anywhere as the Republicans held the Senate (whether one agrees or disagrees with the evidence presented).

How much time does the United States Congress spend on investigations? Considering the time spent by representatives amounts to only a couple days per week (the rest they spend on fundraising as was documented in a previous post), why are both sides investigating each other constantly?

The answer is plain: Politics.

At this point, I’d like to think the American population is sick and tired of all the investigations, with more promised if the Republicans take the House. However, we seem to live in a nation more enamored with the Housewives approach to politics than actual politics that move the nation forward.

Investigation after investigation has taken on the air of reality TV, amounting to very little but produced for our entertainment, making celebrities of our leaders rather than statesmen. It’s this mindset that makes it seem all Congress wants to do is play childish games of “gotcha” with the other side and do very little of the people’s work.

Yes, Congress is corrupt. Government is corrupt. The entire system is corrupt. So? Blow it up and start all over again? Those that believe such folly are either ignorant or fools, or both. Communist Russia was eaten by the cancer of corruption to the bone. China, with its hybrid communism/capitalism matrix is no less corrupt. Cuba…let’s not get started on Cuba…or Venezuela…or….

Europe is not immune either. Hell, France is on its 5th Republic since 1789. By contrast, we’ve had one.

Thaddeus Russell, a historian who lost his job for publishing a very thought provoking yet against-the-grain history of the United States entitled A Renegade History of the United States didn’t cotton to the “woke” (I’m getting tired of that term too) agenda at his university, and so was removed. Mr. Russell supports anarchy—no government at all, hence, he does not vote in elections and actively encouraged people to not vote as well.


Anarchy is not and has never been successful in any capacity in the long term no matter how much academia purports to support it. Theory is one thing, reality another. There will always arise a “strongman” or the system which isn’t a system, simply won’t sustain itself.

What’s the Answer?

In our system, the American voter and an honest press. If the media covered politics plainly, without bias, pointing out the flaws as well as the successes of both parties, voters would have an opportunity to make proper choices. Instead, the mainstream media itself is so openly biased against conservatives it’s almost laughable. The result is the rise of a skewed media, serving “their” side of the political divide and skewering each other with claims of “fake news”. They cater to their base, becoming an echo chamber for those that read or tune in, solidifying their biases and ensuring little if any independent thought.

Educational institutions which are overwhelmingly liberal, in the main indoctrinating rather than educating, pushing agendas that are less education and more social justice based, couched in the false notion of equity of outcome rather than academic accountability or equity of opportunity. The most egregious of these institutions are universities, which need to be purged of all biased academicians on both sides of the political fence.

Finally, the American voter must put their individual biases aside as well. We must hold our elected officials accountable for their actions or inactions, not being swayed or bought by promises, only action. We cannot allow ourselves to be bribed with government programs and services or “stimmy checks”. We have to hold failed representatives accountable…and vote them out with extreme prejudice.

In the end, WE THE PEOPLE are the source of all political power in this nation, if only we’d wake up and understand it.